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Collating and booklet making

A5 booklets (from folded A4) and A4 booklets (from folded A3) can be printed, collated and stapled.

Please do not attempt to lay out the pages as individual sheets. It is best to provide a 16 page document if you are wanting a 16 side booklet (e.g. 4 sheets of A4 or A3 per booklet).

Cost of collating, stapling and folding of booklets of 5 to 15 sheets is £4 per hundred in addition to the printing costs. For thinner booklets £2 per hundred.

Booklets can be made up of up to 15 sheets including a cover printed on thicker paper . This is up to 60 sides of A4.

Other finishing options include corner or side stapling and hole punching to fit collated sets into ring binders.

All A4 leaflets can be machine folded to either A5 or with two folds as if to go into a DL envelope. This latter folding is very useful for leaflets intended for hand door to door delivery. The cost of this folding is £2.00 per thousand.

A3 leaflets can also be folded at £2.00 per thousand.

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